Best playing technique for Bandar bola:

There are different playing strategy that a player can follow while playing the game of Bandar Bola online this includes a straight flush, flush and straight. The straight flush is considered as a crucial strategy of gameplay and it is easy to use once, learnt well over a set of games.

A straight flush which is described in the best way below:

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Straight flush with jack-high: A poker hand with a straight flush contains five cards of a rank, all belonging to the same suits for an example Queen of heart, jack of heart, ten of hearts, nine of hearts and an eight of heats which will be called as queen-high straight flush. It definitely ranks below five of a kind and much above four of a kind hand. Ace can be considered in two different ways one being above the king or it can be below two depending on the rules that the game follows or the table follows. If it is a high rule game the card ranking will be started with ace being the highest, followed by king, queen, jack and ten of the same suit let’s say hearts or the lowest possible will be six of a suit, 5 of the same suit followed by 4, 3, 2, and ace which will act as the lowest, value will be different but the suit remains the same. One cannot use both the lowest and highest in the same hand.

Under the deuce to seven low rule an ace can only rank high hence, this makes ace as high flush while under the ace to six low there is a rule where ace can only be ranked as low, so if a person has cards as ace of hearts, king of hearts, queen of hearts, jack of heart and ten of heart the flush will be known as king- high flush.

It is a must try to play the game online and a person should definitely give it a try. This game will not just impress with skill but graphics also.