Most people want Bitcoins because it is attractive despite its risks. It can be extremely valuable that is why you have to be a part of the craze. In the past, you can only get Bitcoins by paying an outrageous amount or mining it. These days, you can consider an online lottery and win Bitcoins.

If you want to take a chance, here’s how to get started at Bitcoin lotteries:

Understand how Bitcoin lottery works

There are many online lotteries these days that offer Bitcoin instead of the traditional cash. In general, it works like Mega Millions or Powerball. As a player, you just have to purchase a ticket in the hopes of hitting jackpot then wait for the draw. The numbers or outcome are completely random.

Know how to play

There are many lottery sites out there but you have to pick a site that stands by their payout guarantee. This means that the lottery site assures payout – regardless of the jackpot amount.  The key here is choosing a registered and regulated site.

Joining the lottery is easy. You just need to purchase tickets so you are eligible to participate. As soon as you qualify, the system will automatically enter you into the draw.

Check the cost and prize tiers

Before you join, you should know the cost of the lottery ticket. Some lottery sites offer $2 while others ask $3.50. There are other lottery sites that require you to buy tickets through a Satoshi. The good news is that there are no limits to the number of tickets you can actually buy. When you decide what to join, you should look also determine the prize tiers.

online lottery

Things to do if you win

If you win, you will have a Bitcoin instead of the actual cash. With this, you have to set up a Bitcoin wallet at the onset. As long as your account has been verified, you can proceed to your account and withdraw your wins.

Other ways to win Bitcoins

If you do not want to consider online lotteries, there are other ways you can win Bitcoins. For instance, you can use a Bitcoin faucet that is considered a profit-sharing scheme paying out a few Satoshis for performing activities like entering CAPTCHAs or playing games.

You must understand that advertising funds these. In most cases, it is considered as advertising for a site or product. Satoshi is named after the creator of Bitcoins. Although Satoshis is not much, it will not cost you anything but time.