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Kobezz A. Our abilities are increasing, because we play better and better. In a game against Sakalai we finally had 10 healthy players and already can work normally in practices.

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We really lack of Zydrunas Zydrunas Urbonas. I can suggest him some things and he could agree, but he mostly makes substitutions and changes opcija OFZ.

All the practices and other things are my direction.

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We have a good atmosphere on this club and the future looks bright. Opcija OFZ at the very beginning if i would have known the level of a team, i would probably not be doing it. I would like to be on the bench more.

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Of course we can buy a foreigner, but it cannot exceed 5 of them. The majority of youth is years old, so they are not ready to play this level of basketball.

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Our young players have a long-term contracts and as I have said, the future looks bright. At practice I shoot it as in the past, but in games the opponents play some good defense on me, so I can rarely shoot wide open. There are always thoughts about a club when I play and that confuses me.

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Urbonas changed the game of a team? Zydrunas will need some time to get into a good shape. He stays in Riga, where the conditions of rehab are good.

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Source: Romanas Bursteinas, Krepsinis.

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